All about pubic hair

Why do we have pubic hair?
There are a number of theories on why pubic hair exists, but there is no definitive answer. The two most popular theories are evolution (pubic hair is one of those secondary sex characteristics that develops as a visual signifier for potential mates that you’re “ready” to reproduce) and pheromones - scents that the body produces that can be sexually stimulating to others.The hair traps your sexy musk and seductive funk in order to attract potential mates. A common myth is that pubic hair helps keep you warm down there.
Pubic hair is more likely a natural leftover from our prehistoric ancestors: they were hairy all over to keep them warm!
One theory says that humans may have evolved to have less pubic hair to appeal to the opposite sex, a form of sexual selection. Skin that is clear and smooth may have come to signify health.
Pubic hair can be cut or styled - from completely removed, to styled, to natural - to appeal to sexual partners, which may increase sexual potential.

Why pubic hair is curly?

Hair type is determined by the shape of the follicle - the flatter the follicle, the curlier the hair. During adolescence, the androgens (sex hormones) floating around your body turn all the follicles in your pubic area to flat, curly-hair follicles. (The follicles on your head aren’t sensitive to androgens. Don’t ask us why some people have pubey head hair.) So there’s no easy way to relax the curl: your pubes were born to be wild.

World record
Did you know that the longest pubic hair in history was recorded by a midwife back in the 19th century? The woman’s hair grew beyond her knees and was “plaited behind her back.” Which is weird, because most pubic hair falls out before it grows long enough to trip over.

Parental consent
Missouri passed a law requiring
parental consent for minors seeking to be waxed "on or near genitalia."

Pubic hair transplants
Transplanted pubic hair is the latest trend in South Korea: it is regarded as a sign of fertility.
In the West, women try to reduce their genital hair as much as possible, but in Korea the trend is for forestation.